Crysania (crysania4) wrote,

Dahlia photo #21

I like to get photos of Dahlia running. This past weekend I decided to try to get photos of her taking off from runs. I took several and this one was my favourite. I'm not sure if other dogs take off this way but it seems that Dahlia powers off from her back legs when she takes off. It looks really strange and awkward, both in person and in photos. She does this weird excited "OMG!!" thing with her paws in the air as she takes off.

Does anyone else have a dog who takes off from a sit like this? How do YOUR dogs take off from a sit?  And yes that IS drool coming out of her mouth.

EXIF Data: Sony A580 | Tamron 75-300mm | f/5.6 | 1/800 | ISO 400 | 300mm
Tags: 100 things: dahlia
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